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Mobile-friendly and intuitive, the new APL.com is also intergrated with APL eBusiness, guaranteeing a seamless digital experience.

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The one-stop online solution to effectively manage your shipments 24/7.

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Please note: To manage shipments processed in HomePort, the platform remains accessible via the EBUSINESS menu in the top menu bar, under EBUSINESS OFFER.

You should request on HomePort website the entered booking/bill of lading reference.

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My LIFT Experience

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LIFT is an APL-wide project to leverage the best of IT systems and resources to better serve our customers’ business needs.

Click here to find out more about how LIFT will improve the way you do business with APL.

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With over 120 weekly services calling at more than 70 countries, APL services cover major trade lanes worldwide.

Enter your load and discharge ports and discover the best transport solutions available.

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Track my Container

Container Tracking

This tool tracks shipments within the LIFT scope. Click here for more information.

For now, it is likely that you will still need to track most of your shipments (not within LIFT scope) via HomePort. Click here to track on HomePort.

Container Tracking

EXX - Eagle Express X


A new weekly China-to-Los Angeles expedited ocean freight service, with “X factor” included. Designed to give you the X-ceptional treatment you deserve.

Click here to find out more.